With our Italian background, we eat cakes for breakfast! So we’re pretty fussy when it comes to cakes, so much so that we have our own pastry chefs!

Adam, our Head Pastry Chef, and the team craft a spectacular range of artisanal fare. They’re sweet delights so mouthwateringly insta-worthy that you just want to reach through your screen and try them. It’s a tough job, but we taste each and every one of them just to be sure!


Even we can’t help but stop and ogle at the artistry, tantalising tastes and textures on offer inside the cake display! There, you’ll find elegant, irresistible varieties like Strawberries and Cream, St Honore, Raspberry Torte, Baked Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Chocolate Flourless Mudcake, Black Forest, and our traditional family celebration staple, Italian Continental Cake.

And that’s just a portion of a selection that also includes gluten-free and vegan varieties. Adam is on hand to discuss any dietary requirements.


We make cakes to order too, with a range of catering offerings from custom dessert and bakery boxes to a selection of delectable cannoli. Come and see our glorious selection, and treat yourself and your loved ones!

You’ll find more information on our cake and sweet selections ranges, as well as order forms, here