Forestway Fresh Foodie Festival 2018

Forestway Fresh Foodie Festival 2018 Free event from 10am – 3pm The Foodie Festival extravaganza will serve up a gourmet program rich in excitement, family fun and of course, taste. During the festival, we will be hosting a range of activities and delicious events all set to ignite and inspire food obsessions including cracking a… Read more >

Truffle Masterclass

As the truffle season launches, uncover the mystery and romance of truffles with Adam Wilson of Great Southern Truffles and executive chef Brad Wilson. This is a rare opportunity to learn all things truffle from the experts! From hunting them to cooking with them, this masterclass will take you on a truffle filled journey! You… Read more >

Salmon prices on the rise

Our favourite oily fish friend is expensive. And the bad news is, the high prices are likely to remain for some time. Blame simple economics; high demand and short supply are never a good influence on price for consumers. Unfortunately, the salmon shortages are global.  The world’s largest producer, Chile, had its salmon production crippled… Read more >